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My Roots

Hi y’all! My name is Cassie Avant, and I am a lover of all things food and health. Growing up as a farmer's granddaughter, summers were spent shucking corn, shelling peas and snapping beans. My mother and grandmother are both home economists who know everything there is to know about food. As a child and young adult, I learned the art of making biscuits from scratch and won more than one first place ribbon for my homemade jam at the local fair. This is where my love for food began.


Our Food

I see food as an adventure! God put amazing things on this earth for us to eat and enjoy. We don't need all the additives, preservatives and artificial sweeteners! When I prepare food for myself and the people in my life, I want to use only the best quality ingredients. I want to use REAL FOOD! The good stuff! Thats why I only use whole foods and source organically when possible. My food is real, delicious and nourishes your body! Now that is something to get excited about. 


our mission

we Create healthy food that

actually tastes good.